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curious (by Kuroneko)

swandog in norpaws

Has anyone read...

"Hunden" by Kerstin Ekman? We spotted in the bookstore, and it looked very interesting...it's written from the dog's point of view (I think):




I hadn't heard about it, but it sounds interesting. It has apparently also been published recently in English. Reminds me of "Timbuktu" by Paul Auster, another short novel written, at least to some extent from what I recall, from the P.O.V. of a dog, but I'm sure there must be a few other such works out there as well.

Thank you for the information!

~ Miles T.F. Baxxter
Many years ago I read a couple of novels by Jack London, Call of the Wild and White Fang, which were also written from a dog’s point of view. I remember them as being very good books, at least from the point of view of my 12-year old self. ;)

Both Timbuktu and Swandog’s featured The Dog by Kerstin Ekman sound like interesting books too – thank you both for the recommendations! I’ve always been fascinated by well-written non-human narrators, as evidenced by the content of my bookshelf, so these books promise to be interesting. I hesitate to attempt either the Swedish or Norwegian version of the latter, though; I fear my Scandinavian is not up to the challenge. I’ll add the English version to my Amazon.uk list instead. ^_^
I know of some other great dog books (from the dog's PoV), so let me know if you want any recommendations! :D
I’d love recommendations! :D

Lately, most of my new book purchases have been based on recommendations from friends online, and I’ve got to read a lot of excellent books that I wouldn’t otherwise have known existed! So if you have some favourites of this genre/type, please do share. :)
Ok, here are some to get you started:

The Plague Dogs -- Richard Adams
Seeing Eye -- Jack Ellis
Watchers, Fear Nothing, & Seize the Night -- Dean Koontz (I think you've read these?)
Dogsbody -- Diana Wynne Jones
Fluke -- James Herbert
Oh Heavenly Dog -- Joe Camp
Top Dog & Dog Eat Dog -- Jerry Jay Carroll

Gobs more here (all kinds of creatures): http://swandogstudio.com/books.html :)
I can also mention The Wolf, which I'm just about done with. I didn't enjoy it too much myself, but I'm sure others who're more keen on these kinds books might like it!
Can I possibly borrow that one sometime? Would like to read it, and can let you borrow Hunden (which I just bought), or one of my other books in exchange. :)
Yes, I've read "Timbuktu", and loved it! I was trying to remember the name of that one last night, because I wanted to buy it again (I lost my first copy during my move here), so thanks for the reminder! :D You should also try the books "Top Dog" and "Dog Eat Dog" by Jerry Jay Carroll. :)