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#NorPaws / Norwegian Paws

Community for Norwegian Furs

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This community is for the members of the #NorPaws IRC channel*, the NorPaws DeviantArt Community, the Norwegian Paws Forum and the ScandinAviary forum whom have LJs and wish to chat here (either in English or Norsk), or for any other Norwegian fur who wishes to join. :) (Moderated by: swandog; co-moderated by: sayh and tfbaxxter and affiliated with: scandinaviary.)

*To log onto the #NorPaws channel, you must first download and install an IRC client (like mIRC, IRCle or XChat), then enter the server "irc.furnet.org" (or irc.anthrochat.org or yiff.furry.de), and then type "/join #norpaws" (but without the quotes).
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